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Our 30 WABE daycare centers, two parent-child centers and four school partnerships are as diverse as the people who shape them. From a small center with a few dozen children and a small family team to a large center with 200 children in care, many colleagues, an affiliated production kitchen and a childcare center. From a spacious location in the countryside to a center in a residential area or in a central urban location. From deputy management positions with educational and administrative tasks to 100% management positions.

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Whether crèche or elementary, all-day school supervision or parent counselling,
whether full-time or part-time,
whether it’s a small daycare center with just under thirty children or a large one with up to 200 children,
whether as an employee in one center or as a stand-in in several daycare centers
– in our more than 30 centres in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein (Pinneberg, Lauenburg, Ahrensburg), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Ludwigslust), Hesse (Usingen) and Baden-Wuerttemberg (Oberndorf am Neckar), educators will find a wide range of opportunities.

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Curative education nurses and curative education teachers (HEPs for short) enrich the daycare center and all-day school teams at our WABE facilities. With their specialised, inclusion-focused perspectives and approaches, they help to implement inclusion and live differences with confidence.

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The social pedagogical assistants (SPAs for short) in our daycare centers accompany the children in the crèche or elementary section throughout the day. They support the teachers in their daily work. As secondary staff, they are right in the middle of the lively events with the children and take on all the tasks that are part of child education and care. They help with meals, paint, do arts and crafts, sing, play with the children, guide them in projects and accompany them on excursions.

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Existing specialised knowledge can be an additional asset when working with children. This is because individual additional qualifications or professional training (such as carpentry, music, art education, etc.) mean that (lateral) entrants are also experts in their respective educational specialism. They can contribute their expertise and interests in numerous educational areas such as movement, art, music, nutrition and language. As experts in their field, they infect the children with their enthusiasm and knowledge in the rooms specially designed for their respective function.

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WABE supports the Hamburg social pedagogy qualification programme. At various WABE daycare centers and at our school cooperation locations, we offer apprenticeships for part-time training to become an educator. The three-year paid training programme enables trainees to gain direct practical experience in the institution alongside their school education.

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Our housekeeping and cleaning staff keep an eye on hygiene and cleanliness in the daycare centers and all-day school locations. In this way, they keep the teaching staff free to concentrate on their work with the children. They lend a helping hand and assist the educational staff and, of course, the children, for example, with the preparation of meals. At the same time, as part of the daycare center community, they are also in contact with the children and are happy to answer their questions.

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The departments Education, Accounting, Human Resources/Personnel, IT, Construction/Property Management, Public Relations/Events, General Administration and Executive Board, including assistants, liaise closely with the facilities. They support the educational and housekeeping staff and managers in their daily tasks and are available to answer questions from the children in their care and their families.

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Are you interested in a voluntary social year at WABE?

Then welcome to our organisation! In cooperation with the Hamburg Volunteer Services Association (based in the Elsa Brandström Haus – EBH) in the German Red Cross (DRK e.V.), we offer the opportunity to complete a voluntary social year in our WABE daycare centers.

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Are you a pupil, student or interested in a career change into the education sector?

Then you will find the daycare center you are looking for in your region under the menu item ‘Daycare center’.

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