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Day Care Centres

WABE e.V. provides care to about 2900 children in 23 day care centres in the German states of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Hessen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Here, we introduce our day care centre WABE-Kita Parkstadt, which features bilingual (English/German) support and the close collaboration with the nearby International School Campus.

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Parent-child Centres

WABE runs two parent-child centre in Hamburg. The Neuer Mohnhof parent-child centre in Bergedorf and the parent-child center Jenfelder Au in Jenfeld are meeting places for families with children under the age of three. Interested parents can utilise the support, educational and counselling services offered on site and get assistance with child-raising issues. A focus here is the promotion of health through physical activity and a healthy and nutritious diet. A wide network of supporting institutions is available for this purpose.

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Cooperation with schools

At three schools, WABE e.V. is a cooperation partner as part of the all-day school (Ganztagsschulbetrieb and Offener Ganztagsschulbetrieb) and all-day childcare in schools (ganzt├Ągigen Betreuung an Schulen) programmes and provides care to about 800 pupils.

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International School

Our International School Campus (ISC) for the Hamburg Metropolitan Region opened in early September 2016. Our International School is a state-accredited alternative school located in Pinneberg-Thesdorf in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. In the current expansion phase, it has space for 300 pupils.

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Educational Programme

The WABE International Academy was established in 2007 as an innovative educational institution of the WABE Education Network. The Academy is committed to diversity, sustainability, open-mindedness and equal opportunities. It offers a varied international educational programme for educators and those interested in education.

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