General – What is an EKiZ?

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EKiZ is the abbreviation for Parent-Child Center. Families with small children meet here for open offers, meals together or to play and chat. An EKiZ is a meeting place for people from the neighborhood whose children are not (yet) cared for in day-care centers.

The offers in the EKiZ are open to families from the district with children who do not yet have a daycare voucher and do not attend a childcare facility.

No. Our offers in the EKiZ are aimed at children accompanied by an adult. Both parent-child centers are structurally integrated into WABE daycare centers. If you are interested in childcare for your child, please visit our daycare pages .

The child centers of WABE eV offer you and your child both free opportunities to meet and courses on specific topics. In the open parent-child café and at shared meals, parents can relax while the children play together. An educational specialist is on site to answer questions about children.

Important focal points in the EKiZ are movement, health and language development. The children can explore age-appropriate climbing landscapes, sing together or discover books and enjoy fresh meals. Various counseling services are available for parents. Family midwives and other experts in the fields of education and health offer open counseling hours and topic-specific events.

For details on the offers please visit the EKiZ pages .

A joint breakfast is offered in the EKIZ. This can vary, usually there is bread and cold cuts as well as fruit and vegetables (whole breakfast). There are no additional costs for breakfast.

At lunchtime we offer a warm meal in organic quality. Lunch is free for children, accompanying adults pay 2 euros.

In the parent-child centers of WABE eV your child will be encouraged in various areas through play. Climbing on movement landscapes according to Emmi Pikler trains motor processes and body awareness, singing together and reading aloud promotes language development. First friendships and social interactions develop through play with other children. Through recurring rituals such as the morning circle and a structured daily routine, your child will be optimally prepared for a later daycare visit.

Our EKiZ – Organizational matters

You can come by with your child at any time during opening hours without registering and take part in the open offers. Registration by e-mail may be required for individual courses or consultation appointments.

EXCEPTION: Due to the corona pandemic and the applicable hygiene regulations, the number of participants is currently limited. Registration by e-mail is therefore exceptionally necessary.

The current registration conditions can be found on the EKiZ Jenfelder Au website or the EKiZ Neuer Mohnhof website .

The offers of the parent-child centers are free of charge.

No, the parent-child centers are open to all children until they enter school and are independent of the day-care center voucher system.

The parent-child centers are open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The EKiZ has a maximum closing time of 4 weeks per year, including the company holidays between Christmas and New Year. The closing times of the EKiZ will be announced on the website in good time.

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