For municipalities: Kita construction and daycare operation

Sufficiently available daycare places have been an important location factor for family satisfaction for many years. As a provider with more than twenty years of experience in the construction and operation of daycare centers and all-day schools, we are a reliable and competent partner when it comes to the education and care of children.

Our competence

Since 2010 we have 17 facilities in the form of new, replacement or extension buildings incl. two listed buildings. We pay attention to high-quality, modern equipment in our function rooms. The rooms have the character of learning workshops: They offer well thought-out and challenging suggestions for all senses and the children’s imagination. All areas of education are represented in them.

Our concept of the open pedagogy of mindfulness corresponds to the latest scientific knowledge about the development of children. It forms the basis for all daycare centers – its individual design in each facility is based on the requirements of the social space.

For the construction of new facilities, we rely on our well-rehearsed interdisciplinary team of architects, civil engineers, planners (electrical, heating, etc.), accounting, specialist pedagogical advice, daycare management, management, etc.

Are you planning to build a new day care center in your region? Then feel free to contact us!

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