Open pedagogy of mindfulness

The basic values of the WABE daycare centers include inclusion, appreciation, involvement, co-determination and participation. We consciously incorporate these values into our teaching and learning environment with our approach of “open pedagogy of mindfulness”. WABE daycare centers offer the ideal conditions for childcare. They are participative, inclusive and open to all children. The focus here is on the self-determination and participation rights of the children entrusted to us. The professional educational staff ensures that each child determines the pace and direction of his or her development. The core of the education implemented at WABE is the holistic and creative approach that uses the space as a “third teacher”. The goal of our educational work is to make the experience of personal autonomy and shared responsibility tangible to children and adults. This includes independence, the confidence and ability to take action, and the capacity for love.

Due to the clear structure and binding nature of the rules of the concept, the children have the age-appropriate range of freedom to advance to their next development step and thus expand their personal limits. At the same time, they are within a stable framework that is designed to be stimulating and supportive by the professional educational staff. The children’s interests and issues are at the centre of our educational activities.

That is our attitude and mindset towards the children’s learning and development process. Set rituals and all-day education and care in accordance with the state- and country-specific educational plans reflect this approach. Reliable daily structures with morning circle time, free play, educational activities, mealtimes and children’s conferences give the children orientation, stability and support.

Over the course of time, some areas have emerged as focal points in our daycare centres: the joy of movement, the love of animals, music and art. Our goal is to have happy, self-confident and self-reliant children continue their life journey after they move on from daycare. That means they have experienced an active, lively, exciting, imaginative and valuable developmental period in our WABE daycare centers.