The room concept at WABE

The WABE room concept is aligned with our approach to teaching and learning. It is the basis for the use and design of all rooms in the daycare center. The various functional rooms are the foundation for a versatile range of educational, movement and learning opportunities in the daycare centers. The highly qualified professional educational staff are inspired and passionate about their work. They design spaces that encourage our children to experiment and be creative, inventive and imaginative in their activities. The functional rooms that resemble learning workshops offer well thought-out and challenging incentives that awaken all the senses and imagination of the children. The clearly designed room structure lets the children pursue their own activities without disturbing one another.

The experience-oriented creative approach is reflected in all rooms. They make the children curious, stimulate and challenge them, and allow a variety of activities, programmes and opportunities. To encourage self-directed motor development, materials based on the Pikler and Hengstenberg approach are available in the nursery area as well as in the pre-primary area. By giving them access to interchangeable movement elements, the motor development center enables the children to develop individual self-awareness through movement.

The “Hochebene” (“plateau”) – a place for children under the age of three to develop – offers space for immersive play, fun and relaxation. It stimulates the children’s senses through the use of a variety of materials and furnishings, offers cosy and quiet relaxing nooks, and encourages the use of fine motor skills. The children are curious – mastering the different areas, expanding their limits at their own pace and time, and thus developing trust in their own abilities.

WABE spatial concept – the film
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