Job description: Special education teacher / special education nurse (“HEP”)

What role do HEPs play in the WABE daycare centers and school cooperations?

Special education nurses and special education teachers (HEPs for short) enrich the daycare and all-day school teams in our WABE facilities. Through their specialized, inclusion-oriented perspectives and approaches, they contribute to implementing inclusion and living differences with self-confidence.

Being “different”, being individual, is a daily reality for us. The promotion of personal responsibility and self-determination of the children is a guiding principle for us. That is why we focus on the needs of each individual child. From the very first developmental steps, the HEPs observe and accompany the children entrusted to us in order to support each child individually in its development and, where necessary, to provide targeted support through additional activities. In addition to the educational partnership with parents, cooperation with interdisciplinary partners such as doctors’ offices, therapists, and specialized services is particularly important.

In addition to the nursing and therapeutic observations of individual children with (support) needs, the curative education nurses / curative education teachers focus on inclusion. We understand this to mean creating an appropriate environment for all children. All children should have the same opportunities to participate in high-quality education and to develop their individual potentials – regardless of their special learning, physical and mental needs. In terms of pedagogical work, this means that concepts, programs and activities meet the needs of children and families. Our professionals regularly exchange information on the topic of inclusion.

How do special education nurses and special educators work at WABE?

The curative education nurses and curative education teachers work together with other educational specialists in the teams. In addition to their special education orientation, HEPs, like all other educators, choose individual focuses or educational areas in which they specialize. Depending on their individual interests, competencies and experiences, they may specialize in art, Kneipp, healthy nutrition and many other areas. They work with all children and help them to discover and develop their individual strengths and interests.

For children with specific support needs, the HEPs prepare development reports, support and treatment plans, coordinate interdisciplinary cooperation with specialist services and exchange information with parents.

The working hours are based on the opening hours of the daycare center (Monday – Friday) and can be flexibly arranged within this framework and within the team.

The salary of our special educators is based on the collective agreement for the public service of the federal states (TVL) with 30 vacation days per year. They can choose additional benefits flexibly and independently according to their needs. For example, we offer them subsidies for accommodating their own children in the daycare center or cost coverage for health services from A to Z (from international health insurance to naturopathic treatments to dentures).