Voluntary Social Year (FSJ)

Are you interested in a voluntary social year at WABE eV?

Then welcome to us! In cooperation with the association for voluntary services in Hamburg (based in the Elsa Brandström Haus – EBH) in the DRK eV, we offer the opportunity to complete a voluntary social year in our WABE day-care centres.

What do you get from a voluntary social year?

For a year, you will get first-hand insights into working in a social area that is in high demand, develop new skills, make new contacts and get important impetus for your future career choice. With a voluntary social year, you can use your free time sensibly until you start your studies or training. An entry at any time.

You can also learn a lot else in the FSJ:

A total of 25 seminar days are planned during the voluntary social year. The content depends on the interests and wishes of the volunteers. The seminars are organized by the educational team at the Elsa Brandström House.

What is missing now?

your registration!

To do this, please contact the day-care center management of your desired WABE facility in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and inquire whether and when FSJlers are specifically wanted. You can find an overview of our WABE day-care centers here .

You can then fill out the application form for the Elsa Brandström House online. Here you go directly to the application form (you will be forwarded to the website of the Hamburg Volunteer Service.) Please enter your desired WABE facility in this online form under “Further comments”.

We are looking forward to your application!