Job description: Educator

Your job opportunities as an educator
Whether crèche or elementary school, all-day school care or parent counseling,
whether full-time or part-time,
whether a small daycare center with just under thirty children or a large one with up to 200 children,
whether as an employee in one house or as a floater in several daycare centers
– In our 30 facilities in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein (Pinneberg, Lauenburg, Ahrensburg), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Ludwigslust) as well as Hesse (Usingen), educators will find a variety of employment opportunities.

Everyday work as an educator at WABE

In our daycare centers, we work according to the concept of open pedagogy of mindfulness, a further development of open work. Our educators see themselves as impulse givers and learning companions who support the children daily in their development. Self-determined and immersed in play, the children develop new ideas, interests and questions. The educators take up the children’s observed suggestions in project groups or small groups and deepen them. The children find food for their curiosity, develop courage and test their talents. Our pedagogical staff encourage and support the children in their actions. In this way, the children experience it as confirmation and success to discover and follow paths to learning and solutions on their own.

The working environment as an educator at WABE

Our modern rooms are designed as functional rooms or workshops and are well equipped. Our educators are specialized in one area. In their rooms, they find everything they need to create a stimulating environment for the children. Depending on their previous knowledge, their own interests and competencies, the pedagogical specialists decide on these focal points. Some examples are creative design, music and dance, role play and theater, nutrition and health, movement development, wood workshop, building and construction, science and research.

For their personal professional development, our educators can individually choose advanced training courses to deepen their knowledge in their areas of focus or to acquire the latest pedagogical knowledge. For more information on training and qualifications, please visit the WABE International Academy website.

The salary of our educators is based on the collective agreement for the public service of the federal states (TVL) with 30 vacation days per year. The working hours are based on the opening hours of the daycare center (Monday – Friday) and can be flexibly arranged within this framework and within the team. Supplementary, attractive additional benefits to the salary are chosen by our educators themselves flexibly and according to their needs. We offer them, for example, subsidies for accommodating their own children in the daycare center or cost coverage for health services from A to Z (from international health insurance to naturopathic treatments to dentures).

Our educators – working best as a team

We know: Our children feel most comfortable in the daycare center when our educators feel comfortable in the daycare centers. Modern rooms and good pedagogy are one thing. A good team and a strong sense of unity are just as important to us. We value the individuality of our educators, which they bring to the daycare community. Therefore, we encourage the exchange of ideas within the team so that everyone can develop their strengths and support each other in the best possible way.

The institution’s annual kick-off event and the daycare’s own team meetings also contribute to a sense of togetherness. And when it comes to personal issues, the educators also find a sympathetic ear with their colleagues, the management staff or the employees in the office.