WABE Daycare Center Neuer Mohnhof - Bergedorf

Aßengelände Neuer Mohnhof Außenbereich Dachterrasse

WABE Daycare Center Neuer Mohnhof

Behind the ditch 37
21029 Hamburg
Phone: (040) 721 20 49
Fax: (040) 38 68 27 84
Email: kita.moh@wabe.de
Management: Christof Jonczyk

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Opening hours

Mon - Fri 6 a.m. to 7 p.m

Care offer

Crèche, Elementary, Integration assistance

Register now

The WABE daycare center Neuer Mohnhof still offers free full-day places (from 8 hours) in the crèche area within the opening hours of 06.00 -19.00.


Shhh! And what do you hear? Nothing?! From daily up to 200 children? Of course, happy children are!

Well, shouts of joy are already there! Whether on the playable roof terrace, with a cool bath in the Kneipp pool or in the many small adventure niches that invite you to discover. Moving childhood, what else!

Where have they gone? Hey, back there. At them with a roar!


  • Integrated parent-child center
  • Globally recognized exercise promotion concept
  • Language daycare center with a distinctive system for language-supported communication for children (GuK, METACOM)
  • Cooperation with occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech therapists
  • In-house, certified organic production kitchen (DE-ÖKO-070; except fish, which comes from wild-caught fish) – Delivery to the WABE daycare centers Dringsheide, Elfsaal, Jenfelder Au, Wirbelkinder in HH and the inclusive WABE daycare center Lauenburg in SH
  • Consistent, resource-oriented educational and observation documentation with educational and learning histories according to the recommendations of the German Youth Institute

focal points

exercise, language, health and nutrition

age group

3 months up to 6 years


Head / Deputy Head

Christof Jonczyk
Melanie Schröder
Cooperative management
Franziska Atzler
Deputy Head
Katharina Arends
Office assistent
Tanja Willenbockel
Focus: Body / Health & Movement
Tanja Blau
Focus: Music
Afsaneh Jahangiri
Focus: Languages / Written Cultures / Media
André Oppelt
Focus: Body / Movement & Health
Anika Diefholtz
Focus: Body / Movement & Health
Anna Dierking
Britt Gehrke
Focus: Healing Care / Body / Health & Movement
Carolin Block
Focus: Basic mathematical experiences
Christel Pilch-Schneider
Focus: Language specialist
Delia Kasimir
Focus: Body / Health & Movement
Dominik Bardonski
Eike Schmidt
Focus: Nature / Environment / Technology
Elisabeth Yilmaz
Focus: Music
Franziska Kitzmann
Focus: Body / Health & Movement
Hava Engel
Focus: Pictorial Design / Curative Care
Helena Damm
Hilal Bakirli
Focus: Body / Movement & Health
Iwona Dubinska
Focus: Languages / Written Cultures / Media
Janina-Sonja Meins
Focus: Visual design
Jaqueline Groß
Jaqueline Schwarz
Juliane Weiden
Focus: Visual design
Laura Diehl
Maria Ghummann
Marie Jelena Holster
Marjorie Bustillos Rengifo
Focus: Music
Martina Brockmöller
Focus: Languages / Written Cultures / Media / Healing Care
Mirja Frankfurt
Focus: Languages / Written Cultures / Media
Nelufar Rasminda
Focus: Languages, written culture and media
Nicole Wittrin
Focus: Body / Movement & Health
Nihan Karaarslan
Focus: Visual design
Nooria Betani
Odilia Abesha
Pia Timm
Savanna Holz
Focus: Body / Health & Movement
Setareh Karimi
Siddhathan Jayanathan
Sophie Tichon
Steffi Lahl
Focus: Body / Health & Movement
Swetlana Furrer
Focus: Visual design
Vivien Kellmann
Yaa Saah Meyer
Anja Kanscheit
Kitchen management
Christian Runge
David Oftadeh-Esfahani
Ella Ponomarov
Janna Goßmann
Joachim Steeb
Katarina Todorovic
Jan-Peter Koops
Joanna Ziemann
Melanie Velija
Nasrat Shinwari