WABE Daycare Center Lindenhof - Oberndorf am Neckar

WABE Daycare Center Lindenhof

Von Gunzert Str. 19 78727 Oberndorf am Neckar
Phone: 017610336604
Fax: (040) 30 39 09-88
Email: kita.lin@wabe.de
Management: Christopher Jonczyk

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 6.00 - 18.00

Care offer

Crèche, Elementary

Our first WABE daycare center in Baden-Württemberg is being built in Oberndorf-Lindenhof. From the first quarter of 2024, up to 114 children will be able to be cared for here in the crèche and elementary areas. Until then, the children will receive the best support at our daycare centre in Ringstraße 7.

Our concept of Open Mindfulness Pedagogy offers children optimal educational and developmental opportunities. Special emphasis in our pedagogical work lies in the areas of health promotion and independent movement development.

The daycare center will be equipped with a plateau in the daycare area to promote sensorimotor development. In the generously designed studio, the children can develop their artistic talents. In the movement room, natural materials according to Emmi Pikler and Elfriede Hengstenberg offer the children the opportunity to independently face new motor challenges.

focal points

Exercise & Health

age group

2 to 6 years

Head / Deputy Head

Christopher Jonczyk