WABE Daycare Center Oxpark - Langenhorn

exterior view Kinder spielen an der Wasserpumpe im Außenbereich

WABE Daycare Center Oxpark

Jütlandring 39
22419 Hamburg
Phone: (040)320 436 40
Fax: (040)-320 436 44
Email: kita.ox@wabe.de
Management: Jacline Matz

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 6 a.m. to 6 p.m

Care offer

Crèche, Elementary, Integration assistance

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Looks like old Pettersson’s wood workshop is right in Langenhorn.

Here is hammered and screwed outside. There’s always action around the house! If you like, you can climb, slide and swing or devote yourself to beetroot and spinach.

We raise the tender little plants from seed, water vigorously, collect snails and then harvest. Then we make a salad out of it or use our harvest, ground and crushed, to color our own works of art. We then exhibit them once a year in the ella Kulturhaus. Didn’t I see Findus there too?


  • Musikgarten®
  • yoga
  • dyer garden
  • bridge year

focal points

movement, health and creativity

age group

3 months up to 6 years


Head / Deputy Head

Jacline Matz
Dennis Fuhlendorf-Franzen
Deputy Head
Alexandra Kübler
Andrea Stoakovic
Focus: Aesthetic education / studio work
Chantal Schmidtke
Dua Saliu
Focus: Language development / role play
Giorgia Bastone
Focus: Pikler
Jessica Jansen
Lara-Marie Bothe
Lea-Christin Huber
Mirjam Nimz
Nina Nickel
Focus: Aesthetic education / studio work
Sarah Berner
Abbas Hadji Aghalar
Ayda Amini
Focus: literacy
Beate Jagelowitz
Focus: music / cultural offerings
Christina Scheer
Della Dzormeiku Hursu
Elisabeth Lorraine Hein
Julia Kraft
Focus: Nature-Environment-Technology
Ken Jentzen
Focus: Music / Curative Education
Lars Behrens
Focus: Build & Consut
Lea Krumrey
Marie Müller
Thanaa Assad
Dr. Wilhelm Zittel
Focus: art workshop / studio work
Claudia Dias Figueiredo
Marie Celeste Ramassa
Sabrina Berner