WABE Daycare Center Farbenspiel - Heimfeld

WABE Daycare Center Farbenspiel

An der Rennkoppel 1a
21075 Hamburg
Phone: (040) 288 08 344
Fax: (040) 288 08 349
Email: kita.farb@wabe.de
Management: Daniela Kleist

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Opening hours

Mon - Fri 6 a.m. to 6 p.m,

Care offer

Crèche, Elementary, Integration assistance

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Our WABE Daycare Center Farbenspiel is located in Heimfeld. The Harburg mountains with beautiful forests to discover right in front of the door. Here we accompany up to 165 children in the crèche and elementary area. We work inclusively and offer integration assistance. Our network of speech therapists, ergotherapists and physiotherapists also provides support for individual needs.

We support children in all areas of education. Imaginative and colourful, we place special emphasis on art and creativity.

In addition, we maintain our cross-generational cooperation with the neighboring retirement home (“Pflegen und Wohnen”) through weekly joint activities.


  • certified by “Stiftung Kinder forschen”
  • nature experience day care center (BUND)
  • bilingual nursery
  • cooperation project “Young and old together”
  • inclusive

Focal points

art & creativity

Age group

3 months up to 6 years


Management / Deputy management

Daniela Kleist
Sercan Karabügül
Alina Kröger
Focus: language & language promotion
Amanda Frische
Focus: native speaker english
Aylin Nuhbasa
Focus: art
Ayse Gürlevik
Focus: building & construction
Jane Riecke
Lisa Kurpinski
Focus: perception
Marie-Sophie Szymczak
Focus: music / movement
Meike Wüstefeld
Focus: movement & relaxation in nature
Melanie Martens
Focus: music
Sandra Friedrich
Sarah Jessica Piecek
AnnKathrin Koops
Focus: language
Annette Sonne
Focus: motor skills / forest / excursions / swimming
Annika Stein
Focus: health & nutrition
Büsra Kendir
Focus: health & nutrition
Cigdem Karakaya
Focus: art
Elisabeth Moleski
Focus: native speaker english
Florentina-Nicoleta Brescanu
Focus: music and rhythmics
Jad Yzidi
Jennifer Winter
Focus: role play
Mario Arndt
Focus: research & experimentation
Rachel Manuela Zellmer
Sabita Pokhrel Bhattarai
Focus: research & experimentation
Sahra Mourad
Stephanie Hashisch
Focus: art
Tatjana Omari
Focus: healing education
Zoe Krüger
Focus: dance and movement
Elena Leonhardt
Lydia Schneider
Michael Lorenz