WABE Daycare Center Elfsaal - Jenfeld

WABE Daycare Center Elfsaal

Elfsaal 20 / Raja Ilinauk Street 8a
22043 Hamburg
Phone: (040) 675 871 95
Fax: (040) 675 871 97
Email: kita.elf@wabe.de
Management: Valerie Jaeck

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 7 a.m. to 5.30 p.m

Care offer

Crèche, Elementary

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The WABE daycare center Elfsaal still offers free all-day places (8 and 10 hours) within the opening hours from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for children from 3 years to school enrolment.

Walk in, walk in! Crèche children please to the left, elementary children to the right! We have expanded structurally, each age group now has its own house.

We meet in the garden to play together. Here you can romp to your heart’s content or peacefully plant radishes. “Water march” is the motto in the mobile water play landscape, “neck and leg break” on the climbing wall.

If that’s too exciting, feel free to let your creativity flow in our studio or concentrate on sawing in the wood workshop.


  • Cooperation project “Young and old together”
  • Language day care center
  • Cooperation with artists from the Lichtwark School
  • Drumming with Samba Camara
  • Fresh organic food from our certified production kitchen in Bergedorf

focal points

Research & Experiment

age group

8 weeks to 6 years


Head / Deputy Head

Valerie Jaeck
Nicole Kampe
Deputy Head
Corinna Stephani Wrede
Focus: Cooking & Baking
Elaine Lemos de Moura
Languages - Written Culture & Media / Arts
Nicole Kampe
Focus: motor skills & movement
Thi Thanh Thu Le
Focus: Body / sensorimotor perception & theatre
Amrei Köpcke
Focus: Yoga
Bahare Qasemi
Focus: Experiments / Body - Motor Skills & Movement / Kneipp / Baking
Irine Lachgepiani
Focus: Literacy & Media / Music
Lea Sophie Schwiemann
Marko Roller
Focus: science & experiments
Mirko Baltes
Focus: creative design & media
Sabrina Spachtholz
Focus: Artistic Design / Nature Experience & Excursions / Health
Sanna Schrage
Somayeh Masoomitorkamani
Stephan Ilse
Focus: Role Play & Creative Design in Nature
Agnieszka Joks
Joyce Nkansa
Margaret Omane
Natalia Bejma