WABE Daycare Center Elfsaal - Jenfeld

WABE Daycare Center Elfsaal

Elfsaal 20 / Raja Ilinauk Str. 8a
22043 Hamburg
Phone: (040) 675 871 95
Fax: (040) 675 871 97
Email: kita.elf@wabe.de
Management: Valerie Jaeck

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Opening hours

Mon - Fri 7 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Care offer

Crèche, Elementary

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We have places available in the crèche and elementary areas during the opening hours (7 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.).

Come in, come in, come in. Both the crèche and the elementary section have their own building. The outdoor area connects both houses and serves as a meeting place for all children.

With their attentive and approachable manner, our dedicated and experienced educational staff recognize the strengths and interests of each individual child and can thus optimally promote their development.

The children can get creative in the studio, browse through the books in the library or let off steam in the exercise room to promote their movement development. The Kneipp room also invites you to enjoy a health-promoting wellness experience.

Our direct proximity to the “Pflegen und Wohnen” retirement home is something very special. The children and educational staff enjoy the weekly activities such as Singing and crafts with the seniors.


  • governmental language promotion program “KitaPlus” (Sprach-Kita)
  • cooperation with artists from the Lichtwark School
  • cooperation project with the senior citizens´residence
  • cooperation with MAKARA karate school
  • cooperation with Jenfelder Moorpark
  • Kneipp bath to boost the immune system
  • weekly drum-sessions with Samba Camara
  • fresh organic food from our certified production kitchen in Bergedorf

focal points

language, music & movement

age group

8 weeks to 6 years


head / deputy head

Valerie Jaeck
Nicole Kampe
deputy head
Nicole Kampe
Focus: motor skills & movement
Elaine Lemos de Moura
languages - written culture & media / arts
Alisa Masuch
Essi Mawuli Djambibi
Terry-Josefine Diker
Irine Lachgepiani
Focus: literacy & media / music
Sabrina Spachtholz
Focus: artistic design / nature experience & excursions / health
Amrei Köpcke
Focus: yoga
Bahare Qasemi
Focus: experiments / body- and motor skills & movement / Kneipp / baking
Diren Celik
Domenic Baum
Agnieszka Joks
Bianca Rohde
Joyce Nkansa
Margaret Omane
Natalia Bejma