WABE Daycare Center Alsterklang - Alsterdorf

EN: Kitagruppe macht Musik auf der Bühne

WABE Daycare Center Alsterklang

Maienweg 141
22297 Hamburg
Phone: (040) 300 62 676
Fax: (040) 300 62 722
Email: kita.als@wabe.de
Management: Dorit Radtke

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Opening hours

Mon - Fri 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Care offer

Crèche, Elementary

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Where does the music play? Here: In our daycare center Alsterklang, the music daycare center of WABE. We sing, drum, make music, dance. Our 115 children set the tone and the tempo. Not only musically. We also awaken their curiosity every day in the other educational areas. For this, we received the Hamburg Education Award in 2011.

We do gymnastics together with the residents of Pflegen & Wohnen Alsterberg. We sing new and old songs or perform as the “Alsterklangkapelle” in front of 500 spectators at the WABE-EXPERIMENTA.

Sounds good? We think so too!


  • Musikgarten®
  • “Alsterklangmusikkapelle” as part of the cooperation” young and old together”
  • Doggy Kids – Dog 101 for children
  • awarded the Hamburg Education Prize

Focal points


Age Group

3 months up to 6 years


Management / Deputy management

Dorit Radtke
Oana Springer
Deputy Head
Finja Schäfermeier
Maren Pingel
Focus: studio
Marlen Sondermann
Focus: music / literacy
Marloes Vrije
Focus: movement / inclusion
Regina Bätjer
Alina Behnk
Gina Wagener
Heike Klaunick
Focus: music
Jorge Vasquez
Focus: dance pedagogy
Julian Peter-Isenbürger
Lea Luisa Kisselbach
Michaela Budde
Sakineh Veisi Sheikh Robat
Bärbel Cardinal
Cennet Ulusoy
Neziha Karpi