Quality assurance

WABE e.V. has been a member of the Qualitätsgemeinschaft Kita (Association for Quality in Day Care) under the umbrella of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband Hamburg e.V. (Federation of German Welfare Associations) since 2005, with the aim of continuously further developing and assuring the quality of the services we provide. The Association for Quality in Day Care develops procedures and tools that describe the performance and service standard of the day care facility and make it accessible to external audits. Every two years, the day care centres undergo a special audit procedure and are granted the quality seal of the Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband upon successful completion. All Hamburg-based WABE day care centres are certified with the current quality seal.

Evaluation – regular parent surveys

We regularly carry out parent surveys regarding their level of satisfaction with the services offered at our day care facilities. The children’s parents are asked to give their opinion on various topics, such as

• Cooperation with teachers
• Parent involvement
• Opening hours and
• Flexibility of drop-off times

Continuing education and qualification of our employees

At our day care facilities, qualified specialists work with the children entrusted to our care.

The qualification of our education specialists is an essential part of our administrator’s quality control and personnel development. All employees attend continuing professional training courses on a regular basis to increase their expertise and improve their skills.

To ensure our administrator’s standards, we actively expand the quality of our education program and ensure compliance with legal provisions and the state-specific education recommendations.

Trained specialists support our various fields of education. They bring great dedication to their jobs as well as their talents and attend specific continuing education classes on a regular basis.

WABE e.V. expects its day care managers to have outstanding management and leadership competencies. They are responsible for the high-quality implementation of our administrator’s educational concept and ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly through targeted personnel organisation and development. They work closely with the administrator to define continuing education requirements and ensure that their staff participates in qualification courses.

Our managers also attend continuing professional training courses on a regular basis and develop their day care facility to become a place for the entire family.

The administrator supports all facilities in their change and improvement processes by providing its expertise and ensuring that the general conditions are conducive to their work. All WABE e.V. day care facilities close down twice a year for internal training courses. These take place in-house or are offered by external education specialists as an Education Day.

In addition to our one-day education conferences, we hold management meetings on education every six weeks. In addition to organizational, political and development topics, these management meetings offer managers an opportunity to discuss experiences and help strengthen our internal network.

External training

In order to perform their current and future tasks, the specialists at our facilities constantly have to improve and expand their qualifications. At our day care facilities, quality standards call for being up to date on the latest professional literature.

All employees are free to attend external training courses. Relevant topics are identified by our staff in cooperation with day care management and classes are attended with the administrator’s approval. Continuing professional education costs are paid by the administrator.

Besides various external continuing professional education providers, our staff also uses the professional training and qualification seminars offered by WABE Academy.

WABE Academy stands for life-long learning, innovative education processes, enthusiasm and worldwide partnerships. It stands for diversity, sustainability, an international mind set and equal opportunity and offers an extensive continuing professional training programme for education specialists and those interested in education all over the world. The programme includes customised international and national training and exchange programmes with a strong practical orientation.