Support in all areas of education

We accompany children in a stage of their life that involves the most diverse and most individualised educational processes. Therefore, we support the children in mastering their world by providing professional educational opportunities.

Play is a child’s most important educational task. We provide plenty of time and space for it. Education is always complex and involves an intermeshing of different educational areas. Therefore, the professional educators observe the children’s interests and issues and accompany and support them by creating a stimulating environment in which they can develop in their own way, on their own terms and at their own pace. Throughout the day, there are stations where every child can discover, explore, experience and test out things.

Our well thought-out, established room concept stimulates the motivation, development and support of individual educational processes. Our professional educational staff members have a primary work focus and perfect their skills and qualifications in one of the educational areas. Educational activities and programmes are geared towards the holistic development of the child.

The pedagogical action is aimed at the holistic support of the child. Pedagogical specialists work primarily and perfect their qualifications in one of the educational areas:

  • Body, movement and health
  • Communication: language, written culture and media
  • Musical-aesthetic education
  • Natural sciences and mathematics
  • Social and cultural environment