Kinder laufen im Kneipp-Becken
Kind springt vom Baumstamm

Growing up healthy

Health education, movement and water play, personal hygiene and body care to help develop body awareness and the senses are seamlessly integrated into day-to-day life at the daycare centres. Children have fun learning while playing, try out different things, and internalise ways to keep their body healthy.

At WABE, healthy nutrition and aesthetics are closely connected. In the children’s restaurant, a healthy selection of fresh raw vegetables, fresh fruit and whole grain products are served at the inviting buffet. Seasonal fruits and regional products can be chosen. Unsweetened tea and mineral water are available to the children throughout the entire day. The children eat at the times adapted to the daily rhythm and arrange to eat together with friends. During age-appropriate cooking and baking activities, the professional educational staff teach the children home economics skills.

Daily activities are offered in the wellness areas, which are equipped with Kneipp pools and water play basins. The children splash with water and foam, practice their skills, become more self-aware and always have a lot of fun with the wet element or are carefully guided through the water. Trained specialists design the regular Kneipp activities. The children learn a healthy lifestyle while playing and having fun. The infrared sauna lets the children relax in a healthy way. High-quality materials and furnishings are used in our sanitary facilities. The well-lit, bright and inviting decor and “feel-good” atmosphere help the children develop their awareness about cleanliness. Atmospheric LED lighting effects in the bathtub add a revitalising tone and entice the children to linger. Learning opportunities motivate the children to independently practice personal hygiene.