Our Philosophy – values we live by

As a social services organisation, we have a special responsibility. We accompany and support people in their development from a very young age. Our actions impact and shape people’s lives. However, we also set the course for the future of our society. That is why we choose our values and our conduct very carefully. They are our conviction, our compass and what we want to pass on:

Dignity and appreciation:

We respect all human beings as unique personalities with their own story, their own preferences and their unconditional right to self-determination. We accompany children and adults on part of their way and support them in their abilities, their desires and actions. We see ourselves as partners who approach others openly, patiently and with appreciation.


The ideological, religious and political neutrality – for which parents and pedagogical staff can consciously decide – protects lived diversity in our daycare centers. Whether gender, origin, culture, religion or special needs, all families are welcome here.

Diversity and trust:

Gender, background, culture, religion or special needs – we are certain that diversity enriches our lives. By being open and curious, we learn to understand one another and to respect differences. Since we welcome all children and parents, this creates an atmosphere in which everyone can feel safe, feel a sense of belonging and can develop trust. This is the basis for a healthy personal development and peaceful social interaction.

Mindfulness and resilience:

We embrace the educational principle of mindfulness. This means that we focus on each child with his/her unique potential for development. Our educators see themselves as facilitators. We adapt the way we interact with the children to their specific needs and abilities. In all this, our primary concern is the children’s physical, psychological and mental health. This allows us to support each child individually and help them to develop resilience.

Equality and opportunities:

Opportunities for development and education vary depending on a child’s circumstances. It is our job not to treat differences in the same way but rather to ensure equal opportunities. We recognize the children’s potential and help them to discover their individual strengths. We create many opportunities for the children entrusted to our care to engage with themselves, with others and with their environment. This supports them in becoming independent and socially competent and in discovering the joy of learning to ensure that they use their opportunities.

Participation and work-life balance:

If you want to keep improving, you have to be able to listen. We take the time to talk to each other – this applies for children, students and parents as well as for colleagues. For us, participation means taking another person’s opinion seriously and actively involving them in decisions and in their implementation. This is the only way to embrace the policy of togetherness. Healthy and happy employees are the basis of a healthy company. This conviction shapes our internal processes. We offer requirement-based and job-specific qualification measures, pay attention to quality and help our employees achieve a work-life balance, such as by offering flexible working hours.