Inclusive WABE Daycare Center Lauenburg - Lauenburg / Elbe

Children climb on the nursery’s climbing frame

Inclusive WABE Daycare Center Lauenburg

Birnenweg 2-4
21481 Lauenburg/Elbe
Phone: (04153) 818 87
Fax: (04153) 59 94 07
Management: Andrea Milewski

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Opening hours

Mon - Fri 6.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Care offer

Crèche, Elementary

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We offer your children outstanding development opportunities and encourage and accompany them individually in an excellent way. That was the verdict of the jury of the German Kita Award, which selected us as one of five nationwide award winners in 2020.

We use this award to continue to improve every day. At the water fight in the wellness area, while keeping the rhythm on the drum or while preparing the bread on a stick for the big campfire.

We work inclusively, enjoy our daycare life and laugh as much as possible.


  • winner of the German Kita Prize 2020
  • certified House of Little Explorers
  • certified competence center for gifted students in Schleswig-Holstein
  • participation in the model program “KiQ – together for daycare quality”
  • children’s art workshop
  • philosophizing with children
  • yoga and wellness offers
  • inclusive

focal points

movement and health

age group

3 months up to 6 years


head / deputy head

Andrea Milewski
Farnaz Schmidt
Marion Mieck
KIP language promotion
Anna Sitko-Lukaszewicz
Annika Peters
Caroline Timmermann
Celina Loose
Kathy Broszehl
Lia Buhmann
Magdalena Matz
Focus: movement
Melanie Stutz
Stine Buhmann
Svenja Ramczik
Focus: art & design
Martina Mänz
Focus: mathematics
Adrian Hübner
Focus: inclusion
Barbara Haß
Focus: media work with children
Bärbel Huster-Timm
Focus: curative education / yoga for children
Carina Kiehn
Focus: curative education
Claudia Mieck
Gitta Nieland
Isabel Lau
Focus: garden & nature
Jennifer Schulz
Lisa Bethge
Lydia Kasper
Focus: art & design
Marc Klingenburg
Focus: wood workshop
Martina Sicha
Focus: literacy
Melanie Matthießen
Focus: philosophizing
Meline Hakobyan
Nicole Böer
Focus: nature & garden
Peggy Liebscher
Petra Lange
Sabine Bretschneider
Focus: art & design
Yeliz Cansiz
Focus: music
Dörthe Janetzki