WABE Daycare Center Spiel(t)raum - Rellingen

Außenansicht Kinder am Kletternetz

WABE Daycare Center Spiel(t)raum

Nettelkroog 1
25462 Relingen
Phone: 04101-5176560
Fax: 04101-5176562
Email: kita.spi@wabenord.de
Management: Anne Badekow

Opening hours

Mon - Thurs 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Fri 7 a.m. to 5 p.m

Care offer

Crèche, Elementary

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A dream! A paradise to play in. The cherry tomatoes (almost) grow into our mouths, the pumpkins can just about be carried, only the sunflowers thrive here three times as big as we do. A place for 120 children to grow carefree.

Under the motto “We conquer the world!” we believe in investigative and experimental learning. The in-house production kitchen with products freshly cooked every day ensures our healthy diet.


  • Roof terrace with weather ship and pirate lookout
  • Large production kitchen in-house

focal points


age group

8 weeks to 6 years


Head / Deputy head

Anne Badekow
Veronika Lehmann
Deputy Head
Björn Reinsdorf
Focus: Outdoor area
Christa Brandt
Focus: Garden / late-night service (cross-divisional)
Deniz Cicekli
Focus: nest
Doreen Dümmel
Doreen Dümmel
Focus: studio
Finja Wiese
Focus: Pikler
Hanna Maury
Hanna Maury
Iwona Stanko
Focus: Music
Jenny Gauert
Jennifer Gauert
Focus: Hochebene ("plateau")
Sarah Menger
Focus: Kneipp
Ann-Kathrin Dreyer
Focus: Transitions / Snoezelen
Bianca Schattauer
Bianca Schattauer
Focus: Literacy & Media
Chiara Becker
Chiara Becker
Hüseyin Atay
Focus: Preschool / Science Experiments
Kathi Zimmermann
Katharina Zimmermann
Katharina Nickel
Kathi Nickel
Focus: studio
Maria Sri Bünning
Maria Sri Bünning
Focus: late-night service (cross-divisional)
Saskia Cording
Focus: Snoezelen
Niklas Felsch
Niklas Felsch
Kitchen management
Sabine Brandt
Sabine Brandt
Anastasia Karipova
Anastasia Karipova
Evangelia Pappa
Georgiana-Alina Benea
Michaela Mohr
Michaela Mohr