WABE Daycare Center Boizenburg - Boizenburg


WABE Daycare Center Boizenburg

Weg der Jugend 16a
19258 Boizenburg
Phone: (038847) 629 896
Fax: +49 38847 629 898
Email: kita.boi@wabenord.de
Management: Alexandra Weber

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Opening hours

Mon - Fri 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Care offer

Elementary, Crèche, After-school care

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Our daycare center in Boizenburg opened its doors on September 1, 2022. It is bright, friendly and cheerful. A big house for little people, for the older ones even with their own after-school care area.

With a giant mezzanine inside and plenty of space to run around outside. With a Kneipp pool and infrared sauna for your health. A place to feel good, develop and unfold.

Focal points

movement, music & language

Age group

3 Monate bis 10/11 Jahre


Management / Deputy management

Alexandra Weber
Alexandra Weber
Elisabeth Holubek
Joleen Katharina Gabler
Juliane Jöhnk
Juliane Jöhnk
Maria Tomaschäfsky
Maria Tomaschäfsky
Nicole Schlichting
Brigitta Vacano-Magdanz
Christina Blum
Fabian Milnikel
Sabrina Drechsel-Schwarz
Sabrina Drechsel-Schwarz
Sandra Schönfeld
Sandra Schönfeld
Sarah Eske
Roland Pfeifer
Cornelia Kühne
Petra Töpfer
Petra Töpfer
Sandra Lück
Sandra Lück