Day Care Centre Wirbelkinder - Hamburg Allermöhe

Day Care Centre Wirbelkinder

Rungedamm 7
21035 Hamburg
Phone: (040) 28 09 70 58
Fax: (040) 28 09 70 61
E-Mail: kita.wir@bitte nicht
Director: Jana Koch

Opening hours

Monday - Friday , 6.00 am to 6.00 pm, on request: Monday - Friday 5.30 am to 7.00 pm, Saturday 6.00 am to 4.00 pm

Day care services and programmes

Crèche, Preschool, Integration assistance

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With the location of our day care centre in Allermöhe’s industrial park, the topic „compatibility between family and work“ has become a focus point. Our day care centre Wirbelkinder has places for 130 toddlers until they are of age to enter school. Next to our opening hours from 6am until 6pm we offer flexible opening times for day care. Pedagogically trained staff accompany your children with care through the day.  

Above all, we direct our attention towards physical activity and early childhood education. Integral parts of the pedagogical concept of Wirbelkinder are appealing opportunities for physical activity and needs orientated educational opportunities. Healthy living is also reflected in a varied nutrition. Freshly prepared and seasonal meals with a large proportion of organic and farmers products should become a matter of course. The same applies for our „food culture“. Aspects that promote good health make the Wirbelkinder ‘strong and healthy’.

Carefully chosen materials provide the children with plenty of opportunities to experiment, to play and to be creative and artistic. Our space encompasses a large, bright art studio, a wood workshop, a children´s library, a music room, an extensive area for activity with an integrated „motor skills“ centre, an experimental workshop, a building area as well as a cafeteria with a children´s kitchen so that they can cook and bake themselves. A „chill out“ area ensures relaxation and the chance for some time to retreat. In addition there is a generous wellness zone with Kneipp basins and an infra red sauna. In the crèche area there is an activity and role play landscape with a ‘plateau’ of over 80 sq.m. including a ball pit, wave ramp and climbing nets. Furthermore, there are sleep and retreat rooms especially made for toddlers and the younger children in the creche. The centre piece of the facility is formed by an inner yard with a glass roof  having an open view of the sky. From the ground floor the children can reach the upper floors either by a roughly 20 metre long wave ramp or by a childrens staircase. The way back is faster: Over a slide!  

The day care centre is open to all interested families.  

The WABE day care centre offer companies so called „Belegplätze“. Local businesses, or more precisely, employers in the Hamburg-Allermöhe industrial park can contractually agree on a contingent of day care places.  

„Play, touch, affection and voice express in infinite variety: You are important to us“. Aaron Antonowsky

Contribution to Day Care Fees

Do you want to know the estimated amount of your monthly contribution to the day care fees? Information and guidelines on parental contributions to day care fees as well as a contribution calculator can be found on the information portal of your state, city or municipality or can be obtained directly in the WABE day care centre.

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Education at Wabe

By applying the concept of open mindfulness in education, WABE centres offer the ideal conditions for childcare. They are open to all children, participative and "inclusive" in the best sense. The focus here is on the self-determination and participation rights of the children entrusted to us.

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Careers at WABE

WABE e.V. sets a standard with an innovative educational approach in modern day care centres. If you appreciate opportunities for individual development and expression, have a zest for life, are skilled and knowledgeable about the open concept model (or are interested in it), then we look forward to receiving your application

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