Inclusion – A day care center for all children

“Inclusive education means that all persons, despite their sex, special educational needs or social or economic background are granted the same opportunities to take part in quality education and to develop their full potentials. (…)” [Source:]

In our WABE day care centres, we implement an approach of “open mindfulness in education“. This offers the ideal prerequisites for inclusion and is distinguished by:
• mutual respect and trust, which are the principles of our educational concept and activities.
• promoting the children’s self-determination and joy of discovery. Our programmes and activities encourage exploration and curiosity.
• an attractive room concept with different function rooms that support the children’s individual learning process.

Our concept is based on the “Gemeinsame Rahmen der Länder für die frühe Bildung in Kindertageseinrichtungen” (“Common Framework of the German Federal States for Early Education in Children’s Day Care Facilities”, a resolution by the JMK* and KMK**, 2004) and the educational mandate developed specifically for each federal state.

Inclusion at WABE

At WABE e.V., we live by our shared values in a variety of ways. In our day care centres, all-day school programmes and parent-child centres, we implement the principles of inclusion in accordance with our approach of “open mindfulness in education”.

Our educational and childcare concept is embodied by the participation and individual identification of the children and by teaching them to embrace diversity. WABE day care centres are thus supporting institutions: all children are included and involved in the day-to-day life at our day care centres. This lets them fully participate in social life and in early education.

Boundless Joy of Discovery

Every child has the right to be fully supported and to participate in his or her social environment.

At WABE, that includes ensuring accessibility. The majority of our WABE day care centres are already accessible, and in all our new and renovated buildings, we make sure that the conditions are suitable for children and adults.
Specifically, that means:
• Accessible constructions, layouts and designs are standard at WABE.
• Our therapy rooms offer individual opportunities for development.
• Our room concept is designed to encourage learning for all children.

Develop Individually and Grow Together
We view inclusive education as an ongoing process that is continuously being adapted to the individual needs of the children entrusted to us. A process that is always evolving and advancing, thus ensuring that they participate in the best way possible and are all included in in the day-to-day life at our day care centres.

Children with special needs can follow their own educational path. Their special qualities enrich the other children during playtime, in their communication and in the development of their skills and abilities. A child’s uniqueness can inspire another one’s actions. That is the hallmark of the social interactions at WABE day care centres.

Our skilled special education staff accompany children with special needs at 10 of our WABE day care centres at present. They are the link between the parents, the child and the day care team, and make sure that inclusion is firmly established, appreciated and actively put into practise.
Every centre also has a network of therapeutic institutions in the local area and maintains close contact with them.

* Jugendministerkonferenz (Conference of Ministers for Youth Affairs)
** Kultusministerkonferenz (Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs)