Parental Involvement

Parents are the experts when it concerns their child and are the primary childcare partners for the cooperative approach in the day care centre.

Our facilities are meeting places for families and provide a space for lively discussions in the day care centre.

Participation of Parents

As a family-complementary centre, we work constructively together with parents. The focus is always on the optimal support of the child’s development. Parents are the experts when it concerns their child and the most important caregivers.

Our professional staff are experts in the educational and organisational processes and routines, and offer families professional support during their time at the day care centre. By working closely together with the parents, we develop a high level of understanding for each individual child and align our educational work with it.

A good rapport is vital to the success of our educational work – a cooperative partnership based on trust and mutual understanding and appreciation is therefore extremely important. The cooperation with parents along with mutual dialogue about educational issues strengthen and support the parents in their parenting skills. Our professional educational staff approach the questions and issues of the parents with sensitivity and compassion. The transparency of our educational work allows parents to be very closely involved in the development of their child and his or her participation in the day care environment. This includes the individual portfolio for each child and the visualisation of the day-to-day life at the centre by displaying project documentation and photos in the day care centre.

As part of the cooperative approach, we offer parents the following meetings, events and support in our day care centres on a regular basis:

• One-on-one meetings
• Development review meeting
• Topic-based parent evenings
• Participation as a parent representative
• Support with thematic activities, events and celebrations 

Regular Development Review Meeting

During the development review meeting, the child's primary caregiver informs the parents about his or her development in the day care centre. She takes a professional approach, and prepares the meeting in consultation with the educational staff from the respective area.

The review takes place twice a year and lasts about 20 minutes. The parents learn about the strengths and preferences of their child, his or her development stages, and his/her friends. Parents can ask questions and get individualised information about their child's educational and developmental processes.

Feedback Management

Our goal is happy and content children and parents. To be able to understand potential problems and use them as an incentive for improvement, we need your regular feedback – covering different areas, from praise to criticism. The feedback is integrated into the improvement processes in the day care centres.

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